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Since forming, as a proactive collection of Hillsborough families, survivors and supporters in Feb 1998, the Campaign has struggled to bring Hillsborough and the continued lack of justice back into the public domain on many occassions.

Many people are aware that all clubs now observe a minutes silence on 15th April following the group's letter campaign. In this section you can read on this and other successes the group has acheived, as well as ongoing activites.

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The Hillsborough Justice Campaign
PO Box 1089
178 Walton Breck Road
L69 4WR
Tel / fax : 0151 2605262


What's new on the site?

In 2007...

It has been a long time since we've updated the site... to clarify who theHJC are and why we still exist...

The Hillsborough Justice Campaign includes bereaved and survivors of the Hillsborough Disaster as well as supporters of the continued fight for justice. The campaign continues to go from strength to strength in direct correlation with the demand for justice for those who died at Hillsborough and those survivors who continue to suffer.

The HJC shop at 178 Walton Breck rd (opposite the ground) has become a focal point for supporters to drop in not just on match days but whenever they are passing. The HJC is pleased to have an 'open door' policy for people who feel that they can identify with the ethos of the group.

In the name of accuracy and fact, the HJC would like to update on a few issues. Anne Williams is no longer Chair of the HJC having resigned from the group on 28 February 2006 after informing the group that she would be continuing her son's legal case independently from the HJC. The HJC acknowledges Anne's prerogative to take whatever course of action she deems most appropriate in her pursuit of justice. From its inception the HJC has supported the fight for justice for the 96; in particular the group was able to offer Anne the means to pursue her legal fight for Kevin. Whilst the group sadly had to accept Anne's decision to sever links with the group, nevertheless the HJC's support for the fight for justice for Kevin Williams remains intact and as strong as ever. The group wishes Anne success in her European challenge.

The new Chair of the group is Kenny Derbyshire - Hillsborough survivor and longstanding member of the HJC.

The Secretary of the group is Karen Hill.

This website has become a starting point for so many seeking the true facts of Hillsborough. The HJC has decided to keep the site as a permanent testimony to the true facts of Hillsborough as well as an insight into the origins and development of a campaign group. All new information from henceforth can be accessed through our new site:

The HJC is proud that this site remains to the present day in the face of legal action and imprisonment. After all we've only told the truth.

2005-6 Wristbands

The Ninety Six Wristband

You may have heard that we had some wristbands created as a way for people to express their support and solidarity with the campaign. We could not have anticipated the huge, huge demand for these. They could be seen worn by many Liverpool FC players and thousands and thousands of our supporters. Thank you all for buying and wearing the bands.

Please take the time to read this survivor's account written by Kav who survived Pen 4 at Hillsborough. Lest we forget what it is all about.

New in 2004-5

Wayne Rooney... The Sun... and just in case you didn't know why this was an, er foolish thing

2004 saw the 15th anniversary of the disaster and the website was been updated to reflect this. We feature a reflective piece written by Gary who was at Hillsborough 15 years ago and explains just what the month of April means to him

Other articles are now grouped on their own page and there is a new poems section which we aim to expand

Further additions to the site include a page on Annihilator a Canadian band supporting the campaign, updated merchandise page and some links to other justice campaigns

New in 2003

2002-3 was been a memorable one for the Justice Campaign.

April 15th 2003 saw the boycott of The Sun go national, with many newsagents from all over the country requested to not sell the S*n on that day.

It has been a very successful year in terms of spreading the word and keeping people informed, the internet generally and internet forums, in particular, have aided us no end. As well as giving the campaign access to a wider audience, they have allowed more and more people to become involved in the fight regardless of geographical location, with people spreading the word all over the world. The Liverpool Vs Celtic UEFA Cup match was a classic example of how this can be successful, with many, many Celtic fans visiting the shop and supporting the fight.

The internet forums have helped us successfully challenge inaccurate portrayals of the disaster by Maxim and FHM magazines as well as the BBC and the learning channel in recent months. Not only have apologies been extracted but in some of the cases we have been afforded the opportunity to illustrate the actual truth of the disaster.

The expansion of support has seen all sorts of activity, which has been successful in raising funds. Fundraising events have been coming thick and fast, with numerous auctions of memorabilia kindly donated by supporters taking place. On January 11th a social event was organised at the Masque in Seel Street, this was particularly well attended and helped raise both awareness and funds.

Karl Baxter has been responsible for the organisation of two HJC Cup five a side football competitions.

Perhaps the most visible change in recent times is the new premises at 178 Walton Breck Road, facing the Albert Pub. It is hoped that we will be able to open this shop on a more regular basis than the previously. This will help give the campaign more visibility as well as making it more accessible to supporters. I think most people are happy that the new shop represents a more effective location for the organisation than the previous one.

New in 2001 -2002

The site has been revamped with some fresh and powerful content, which further demonstrates that the last 13 years have been a political whitewash and that, despite a trial over Hillsborough in Leeds in 2000, no Justice has been served to the dead, the families or survivors.

There is a new quick links drop down menu on the lower right of each page for speedy navigation. As ever you can email us at

We have new interviews (audio and transcribed text) with fathers of sons who died in the disaster: Terry Burkett, Dave Church and John Glover, as well as an interview with Anne Williams and details of her relaunched case over her son Kevin's inquest.

There is a fresh verdict on the trial we labelled and continue to label, a show trial.

News of what has happened with the campaign over the last year and an defination of the most prevalent injury resulting from Hillsborough: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

We also mourn the loss of Alf Langley, survivor and campaigner and wonderful bloke, who died on the day that a South Yourkshire Police Officer was awarded 330,000 for late onset PTSD. ALf's close friend and fellow survivor Pete Carney writes an article on this horrifically ironic injustice. Alf received compensation of less than 3,000 a couple of years after the disaster.

Other articles include one giving a survivor's perspective on the situation 12 years on: I'm not bitter and one on where football as a sport stands now, still silent on Hillsborough.

In the history section we have sad news on the multiple football disasters that have occured over the last year, particularly in Africa, where it seems that crowd control is put before crowd safety time and again. The scource of African football, tear gas, is highlighted as a cause in each of the recent tragedies - remmeber British and European police have approve tear gas for use at football stadiums!

The fanzine section has also been updated with most of the articles written about Hillsborough over the last 13 years in Liverpool fanzine, Through the Wind and the Rain, availbe to read now. These articles feature some truely excellent writing about the events surrounding Britain's biggest sporting disaster, as they unfolded.