How you can help - How we can help

The HJC is now seeking funds to help directly with legal costs involved in the forthcoming court cases. If you can donate any money towards the campign please contact us at the address below.

In this section you can see how people have helped raise money for the campaign in their areas by holding raffles, auctions and charity matches. Many small businesses and pop groups have also pledged their support.

There are many ways the HJC can help with school projects, research etc. We are preparing a bboklet for this purpose, but please get in touch with us at the addess below if there is something in particular we could help you with.

Survivors & Witnesses Appeal

There are still very many people affected by Hillsborough . If you are a survivor, we can assist in identifying sources of help and provide a space to talk with people who went through the same experiences.

We still need help to continue the legal struggle, some survivors of the disaster may be able to assist as witnesses in up coming court cases.

Quick Find - Contact Us

The Hillsborough Justice Campaign
PO Box 1089
178 Walton Breck Road
L69 4WR
Tel / fax : 0151 2605262

email: hjcshop@tiscali.co.uk

Educational Assistance on Hillsborough Related Projects - Hillsborough Justice Campaign

This website has been developed so as to be the definitive resource on the Hillsborough football disaster and the subsequent struggle for justice. We think you'll find most answers for educational research here in the extensive text within the site>

Unfortunately we don't have any education packs prepared at the moment but if you do require information for use in an education project that can't be found here, then please contact us and we'll see what we can do to help.

We've helped many students in the past but would appreciate it if you are going to use writings you find on this website or interviews, then as a gesture, please send us a small donation and a copy of what you produce. For the people in the group Hillsborough is not an academic project that can be switched off.