Worldwide Disasters

The deaths of spectators in pusuit of watching football is as old as the game itself. Time and time again the finger of responsibility points at the police, the grounds and mismanagement of stadiums and general disregard for the safety of fans. After each disaster we are told "It will never happen again" but history shows us that this is never the reality. The following records of football related disasters provide a chilling reminder of the price ordinary supporters have paid to watch a game of football.

The following list of football related disasters is by no means complete and does not include recent 'near misses' like the lights failure at Old Trafford, the crush at Exeter... if you know of any significant disasters that we should add to this list please email us.






1902 Ibrox, Glasgow 26 500 Stand collapsed.
1914 Hillsborough, Sheffield - 75 Wall collapsed.
1946 Bolton 33 400 Wall collapsed.
1961 Santiago, Chile 5 35 ?
1961 Ibrox 3 35 Stand collapsed.
1964 Lima, Peru 318 500 Police fired - panic.
1968 Argentina 74 150 Seventy four people are killed and more than 150 are injured when spectators mistakenly headed towards a closed exit after a first division match in Buenos Aires. The fans at the front of the melee are crushed to death against the doors by other fans unaware of the closed passageway at the back.
1968 Tripoli 30 120 Police fired - panic.
1971 Ibrox 69 140 The Old Firm derby attracted enormous crowds and this game at Ibrox Stadium was no different.
The match was heading for a goalless draw until Celtic scored with a minute to go, prompting a mass exodus of disappointed Rangers fans.
Although Colin Stein scored for Rangers in the last minute for 1-1 draw, many Rangers supporters were still on their way out.
But with so many fans leaving at the same time, the downward force pushed many people trying to get out to the stadium onto the ground.
The momentum of the crowd meant that once people started to fall, there was no way of holding the mass of bodies back and 66 people lost their lives, with another 140 suffering injuries. .
1972 Wolverhampton - 80 Barrier collapsed.
1974 Turkey 44 600 Platform collapsed.
1975 Moscow 20 ? Crowd crush.
1976 Haiti 6 ? Police fired - panic.
1978 Orient, London - 30 Barrier collapsed.
1979 Cairo 48 - Wall collapsed.
1979 Indonesia 12 ? Panic and crush.
1979 Lagos, Nigeria 24 27 Lights switched off-panic
1981 Middlesborough 2 - Pillar collapsed.
1981 Columbia 17 15 Stand collapsed.
1981 Greece 21 54 Locked gate - crush.
1982 Columbia 24 50 Panic and crush.
1982 Algiers 8 600 Stand collapsed.
1982 Moscow 340 ? Three hundred and forty people were reportedly killed during a European Cup match in Moscow.
Police were blamed for the incident because they were said to have forced fans down a narrow, icy staircase before the end of the match. But when a late goal was scored, exiting fans tred to re-enter the stadium, crushing the people caught in the middle.
Russians officials attempted to claim the official casualty loss was only 61 and the police were not responsible for the disaster.
1985 Brazil 3 25 Police fired - panic.
1985 Birmingham 1 20 Wall collapsed.
1982 Mexico 10 74 Crowd crush.
1985 Heysel, Belgium 39 240 Trouble began when fights broke out between rival English and Italian supporters at the European Cup final at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels. Police repeatedly clashed with fans, but when a wall separating the two sets of fans collapsed, a riot ensued, taking the lives of 39 spectators.
1985 Holland 50 ? ?
1985 Bradford 56 200 A stray lit cigarette stub ignited a wooden terrace section at Valley Parade.
Fire soon engulfed the stand, causing 56 people to lose their lives in one of the worst tragedies in English football.
1988 Katmandu 71 200 At least 93 people were killed and 100 more were injured when fans attempted to flee from a hailstorm inside the stadium.
But they could not escape because the stadium doors are locked, causing a fatal crush at the front.
1989 Hillsborough 96 400 Crowd crush.
1992 France 15 ? In May 1992, 15 fans died at a French cup semi-final when a stand collapsed.
1996 Guatemala City 84 150 Stampede
2000 Harare, Zimbabwe 13 100's Police fired teargas- panic.
2001 Ellis Park, South Africa 43 100's Police fired teargas- panic.
2001 Lubumbashi, Congo 7 100's Police fired teargas- panic.
2001 Ghana 126 100's Panic set in when police fired tear gas.
2001 Sari, Iran 2 100's Overcrowded stadium collapse.