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In this section you can read about some of the past and present members of the HJC - mothers, fathers, brothers, survivors and supporters - their stories in their words and why they continue to struggle for Justice.

There are still very many people affected by Hillsborough . If you are a survivor, we can assist in identifying sources of help and provide a space to talk with people who went through the same experiences.

We still need help to continue the legal struggle, some survivors of the disaster may be able to assist as witnesses in up coming court cases. There are many other ways you can help us and we can help with school projects, research etc.

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HJC response to Sun 'apology'

The Ninety Six Wristband

(Right: The Sun front page April 1989)

The Hillsborough Justice Campaign does not recognise the comments in today's edition of the S*n (7th July 2004) as a genuine or sincere apology for the lies it told in respect of the Hillsborough Disaster.

Any apology should be front page and stand in its' own right - on a par with the original damning headline fifteen years ago.

However, what we read today was :

The Sun the, er apology

Any attempt to convince us of the sincerity of their remorse is immediately negated by the context in which the apology occurs.

(Right: The Sun 'apology' front page 07/07/04)

It is the view of the HJC that the article and commentary are an attack, once again, on the people of Liverpool. It is our belief that the S*n has seriously miscalculated the intelligence of Liverpool people who, we believe, will see through this cynical attempt to increase sales in the Merseyside region.

The S*n says
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