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In this section you can read about some of the past and present members of the HJC - mothers, fathers, brothers, survivors and supporters - their stories in their words and why they continue to struggle for Justice.

There are still very many people affected by Hillsborough . If you are a survivor, we can assist in identifying sources of help and provide a space to talk with people who went through the same experiences.

We still need help to continue the legal struggle, some survivors of the disaster may be able to assist as witnesses in up coming court cases. There are many other ways you can help us and we can help with school projects, research etc.

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Maureen Church (January 28 1942 - October 23 1999)

Maureen Church - Click for full pictureThe following obituary was written by Niki Adams in November 1999 following Maureen's death.

Maureen Church, who has died of cancer aged 57, was part of the backbone of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign (HJC) set up by bereaved relatives and survivors frustrated by the failure of the authorities to take responsibility for the April 1989 disaster at the football stadium. The disaster cost the lives of 96 supporters, one of them Maureen's 19 year old son Gary.

With her husband Dave she had relentlessly pursued a legal case to establish what had happened to their son, yet when she died all Maureen knew came from a survivor who heard Gary's cry for help from within the pen where he was trapped. Her suffering was compounded by court rulings which obscured liability.

Maureen and Dave were founder members of the HJC in 1998. Like many women who become active in campaigns,her judgement and tireless work were provided behind the scenes. But she was to find a powerful and articulate voice. And her work on Hillsborough brought her into contact with campaigners for other causes including the Silcott and Bridgewater Farm campaigns.

"Class distinction runs like a cancer through this country," she told an Everyman television documentary. "It's not just black people; no one's got a chance." She accused Liverpool Football Club of treating survivors and families shabbily. At the 10th anniversary Hillsborough benefit, actor Ricky Tomlinson's praise for that stand met with a roar of approval.

Maureen was born in Southport, a docker's daughter. She raised four children, worked as a seamstress and later as a night cleaner. She leaves her husband, mother, two daughters and a son.