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Why is it that all football clubs, players and supporters become subject to regional classification by changes eg Cockneys, Geordies, Scousers etc, even though all teams (and most sets of supporters) are comprised of a national, sometimes international, mix? For example, how many Scousers play for Liverpool or Everton?

It appears that this is the path that racism and fascism have chose to claw their grubby way into the game. If you are of the opinion that this is all rather harmless, take a closer look at the various London rivals of Tottenham, where organisations like the National Front ferment the usual propaganda against the so-called Jewish element, and glory in songs about The Final Solution.

Add this to the continual highlighting of each club's individuality, embodied within their fans, and the promotion of the 'wolf-pack' gangs by sensationlist press reports, and a deeper, political conspiracy can be seen. By this I mean the Establishment using the tried and trusted method of Divide and Rule to destroy any sign of fraternity within the working class. Thus the highlighting of tribal loyalties by various means prevents a mass movement of young people joining together, simply by an active promotion of the idea of Opposition=Enemy.

As an example of the media's ignorance of the rational, objective views held by most football fans, one only has to look at the comments give in the press and TV by representatives of the FSA. Since Hillsborough, their media exposure has declined, and only cursory comments were allowed over the ID card scheme. Also how many rain forests have been pulped to provide miles of sensationalist newsprint over the Liverpool/Manchester rivalry?

BUT WHO FIRST STIRRED THE MUDDY WATERS OF THIS CONFLICT? Was it fuelled by a desire to prevent the two larges populations in the North West (the largest area of unemployment post-Thatcher) forging an alliance via sport? Two largely working class areas now view themselves with distrust and suspicion; the continual harping on minor disagreements, blowing personal differences out of all proportion - now the conflict goes beyond football. How many times has this been seen on holidays abroad?

Skillful use of the media has highlighted the minority of morons within our midst out of all proportion to their numbers, and further alienating the general public from football. They no only join the 'hang 'em/flog 'em' crusade, but turn a blind eye to legislation which is designed to further curtail the enjoyment of supporters. Legislation that may be turned on them, as this country lurches towards a Conservative inspired police state.

A further example of media manipulation can be seen at Millwall. This club has been carefully cultivated as a breeding ground for mob violence; a place where the nutcases would rather watch Lions V Christians rather than Lions V Liverpool. However, a closer look at the place itself reveals it to be a largely working class club, retaining its' roots through local support and involvement within the community. Is this why their supporters were always depicted as shaven headed Neanderthals? Especially by the extreme right-wing press; it's interesting now to see how the same media attitude to the 'Millwall bashers' is softening, for on e reason only - money! Just look at all the prestigious development being carried out in the area. The monied minority cannot afford to have property values lowered simply because they live in the proximity of 'that club.' Have you seen so-called press releases emphasising the yuppieficiation of the Millwall, stressing the positive side of the club and promoting another image for a change e.g. matchday crèches. The club is shown to have rapidly undergone a Cinderella-like change; 'you shall go the The Den!' Keep an eye out to see who the new whipping-boys will be, because football fans have to be discredited. Leading on from this, we come the Identity Card scheme, now hopefully consigned to the dustbin of history, because it was designed to restrict the mobility of Joe Public. It would serve us well to remain vigilant, however, as it still lies on the statute book, ready to change shape but not intent. No doubt anther form of restrictive practice will emerge to take its' place. Favourite one at the moment is taking away our passports. It can be recalled that denying people the basic right to freedom of movement was successfully employed during the miner's strike. Used to temper 'flying pickets' ie confining strikers to their own community, thereby isolation them from national support, this has led to the persecution of the travelling football fan, with regular stop and search, restrictions on coach routes and times of arrival/departure etc, hoping you eventually jack it in as too much of an inconvenience.

Stereotyping has been used throughout history by political bigots of all kinds, and now football fans are the victims. The underlying Fascism in such terms as Irish bastard, black bastard, sometimes even just one word e.g. Jew, was encouraged and has inevitably kept the working class uneducated and bigoted. How many intelligent people read the Sun? Prejudice is encouraged against those people classified by it, whether it be colour of skin, nationality, religion and now, incredibly, by region. To give a person the characteristics of an animal means that treating them as such is no big deal. Each draconian measure used against the football fan - ID card, restricted travel, fences, becomes acceptable as we are portrayed as 'social undesirables,' even though 99% of us obey the law.

This will probably be seen by some as another Red sounding off with yet another half-baked theory. A few years ago this was the same reaction to those who spoke of a conspiracy to eliminate trade union and Labour party involvement in Liverpool by destroying it's industrial base and creating a fear of unemployment. And look what happened - no more Metal Box, Birds Eye, B.A.T, Tate & Lyle, Tillotsons etc TO NAME JUST A FEW, while elected councillors are surcharged for 'militancy.' I rest my case - any arguments against?
Jake Parker Luddite Legionnaire