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Issue 31 - Letters

I enclose a clipping from the official club magazine...................

" but it was to be a season which ended in tragedy for Liverpool Football Club as the Hilisborough disaster claimed the lives of 95 supporters, off the field it was a traumatic season "

Surely the club itself could have got this number right? Some people might say I'm being picky here, but I happen to think life is precious and getting it wrong by one is something to moan about. I realise that it is technically correct i.e. 95 fans died in the season they're referring to (the season Rush returned which was the reason for the article) but has everyone forgotten about Tony Bland? The day before I saw this club article there was a piece in the Daily Post about the grounds being used in Euro 96. They mentioned that Hilisborough was now a lot safer since 95 Liverpool fans died there. The fact that the club itself never mentioned Tony either was probably why I took offence.

Al Campbell - Llaingoch

Nine extra words saying 'it became 96 in 1993, when Tony Bland died' doesn't seem to require much of an effort, does it?


AND Justice FOR ALL...........

The very concept of 'Justice' seems quite laughable, after some South Yorkshire policemen won their court case and huge compensation for their 'psychological trauma' suffered at Hilisborough, while the families of the 96 haven't received a penny. Surely there',s something wrong here? The police claim that it was only the senior officers that were blamed by Taylor; obviously they forgot all about the huge line of constables and sergeants stood on the halfway line waiting for what they thought was a riot. They also forgot about the lower ranked officers shoving people back into pen 3, and some of the others stood around doing nothing. So yes, the lower ranked officers were really great at Hillsborough - and I don't think.

That, of course, is not the point. What is more traumatic; being unable to continue in your job, or losing a loved one at the worst sporting disaster this country has ever seen? Surely it's the latter? The fact that the legal system seems to think it's the former shows what an absolute joke 'Justice' has become in 'Great' Britain.

...... from "a veiw from the kop" article by Gareth Hayes