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Since forming, as a proactive collection of Hillsborough families, survivors and supporters in Feb 1998, the Campaign has struggled to bring Hillsborough and the continued lack of justice back into the public domain on many occassions.

Many people are aware that all clubs now observe a minutes silence on 15th April following the group's letter campaign. In this section you can read on this and other successes the group has acheived, as well as ongoing activites.

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Boycott - What the media said

The two main local papers in Liverpool both made some good comments on the Sheffield Wednesday v Liverpool game in their sports columns. (No, not the front pages.)

In the Liverpool Echo - Ric George had this to say:

"They'd been encouraged to stay away and how right they were to do so. Hillsborough holds many sorrowful memories for Liverpool fans, who, quite rightly, had no desire to return to the scene of a tragedy which, 10 years on, will touch their lives forever." The message to Boycott this stale sterile game had been received and understood. Attendance 27,383 - Match Rating 3 out of 10.

In Liverpool's other local paper, the Daily Post, Claire Stocks had this to say:

"If anyone doubts the glorious theatre that is football, they'd only have to follow the drama unfolding at 40 odd stages this weekend to be convinced…shame this wasn't one of them. You got the feeling there was a great party going on somewhere else only Liverpool and Sheffield Wednesday had not been invited. An estimated 5,000 fans boycotted Hillsborough in protest at the lack of compassion displayed by the club in the 10 years since the disaster that changed lives and football forever."

The match report then ends with these final comments about the memorial:

"A final word must go to the disaster. Anyone in any doubt whether to forgive the host club for it's shameful behaviour in the wake of the Hillsborough Disaster need only take a trip to Sheffield to see the 'memorial' unveiled before Saturday's game. Squeezed between a piece of waste strewn riverbank and a pedestrian crossing, the 'memorial' has all the respectful and reflective atmosphere of a multi storey car-park. Neither the word Hillsborough or the words Sheffield Wednesday are mentioned on the sandstone block.

The club is still desperate to keep what happened in 1989 at arms length, preferably even further. A fast flowing river separates the memorial from the ground, only a few yards of water but it may as well be an ocean. It's not anywhere near the Leppings Lane entrance. Yes the perfunctory silence was observed, as always impeccably and there were 96 red roses laid on 96 empty seats. But that was no more than a gesture observed by every club up and down the country during the anniversary week of the disaster last month*.

A mix up in communications which meant neither the Echo or the Daily Post reporters and photographers had passed to the game. This was met with all the sympathy of a British Rail ticket Inspector. "Tough, you'll have to stay outside" came the curt reply, despite being reminded of the importance in Merseyside eyes. One can't help thinking those who stayed away were right. On all counts."

* The minutes silence observed by the various leagues and FA was also insigated bu the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.