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We highlight Liverpool 'zine 'Through The Wind and Rain' - always a staunch supporter of the HJC and a voice that has kept alive and published articles on Hillsborough throuout the last 12 years. You can read all of their back issue articles about Hillsborough here

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Mr Kelly, the FA's Chief Executive, sought to give reasons for preferring Hillsborough, but the only one which seemed to have any validity was that the 1988 match had been considered a successfully managed event. He admitted that telephone call from the Chief Executive of Liverpool FC, protesting and putting Liverpool's case, had not been mentioned by the FA Committee which finally decided the venue. Mr Kelly frankly conceded that "there was an element of unfairness" to Liverpool in choosing Hillsborough for second time. I think the decision was ill considered. No doubt in future the FA will be more sensitive and responsive to reasonable representations.

The above is a direct quote from Lord Justice Taylor's Interim Report. The last sentence was extremely naïve. The FA (F****ing Arseholes), not content with pressuring Liverpool to complete 88/89 as soon as possible (with the 'serious' idea of cup shoot outs), were certainly sensitive and responsive last year.

You would think that the effect of Hillsborough would even get to these stone-faced, uncaring men in crumpled suits, enough to consider Liverpool's feelings on another kick off time, but no. Our semi V Palace, despite a 100 miles of travel for both sets of fans, got a 12 noon start, and Oldham V Utd in Manchester got at 3.30 p.m. start. Thankfully no fans were injured at Villa, but I can't believe these officials. Ignorance that is rife, as incidents similar to Hillsborough (in all but fatalities thank goodness) at Ipswich, Middlesbrough and Coventry so clearly demonstrate.


This afternoon, accidental death verdicts were passed on the 95 victims of the Hillsborough Disaster. The jury sat through 600 hours of evidence. The 47 bereaved families legally represented at the inquests now face a bill of £150,000. The Coroner questioned the role of police officer inside football stadia, asking "Is it a proper use of their training, expertise or resources?" He continued "Although it would be nice for me to say it will never happen again…..I fear it will happen again"

An accident? Oh well, that's alright then. For two long years I thought what happened was terrible. How relieved I am to find out it wasn't.

I've re-written this about ten times, and it never reads any better. It isn't the fault of the English Language, or me (well I don't think so). Possibly it is the fault of the use of that language over the years. Too many people say words like injustice, abomination, catastrophe and disaster, so that those words become almost meaningless, and when something comes along (like the Hillsborough jury's verdict of accidental death) where strong words are needed they aren't to hand anymore.

It isn't just language that loses importance, people do too – especially dead people, or should I say dead football fans, because Trevor Hicks was so right when he said "If 95 police officers had died at Hillsborough we would have seen a different situation." Perhaps even I can get into trouble for saying the wrong thing, but on what I've read I don't think a jury has been so shamefully pressured into it's verdict since the Jeremy Thorpe trial in the 70s. This meant a lot more than Norman Scott's dog or Thorpe's political career, but I did not expect anything else.

That other people did shows their naivety; maybe the same people that write to me about my paranoia or the chip on my shoulder, (in matters of politics at any rate) but really; what can anyone make of this scandalous decision? How can anyone who was there, anyone who watched it all on tv, anyone who sat and waited for someone to come home who never would – how can we sit calmly and listen to liars telling us NO-ONE WAS RESPONSIBLE? That it was quickly followed by a rejection of claims for damages by the bereaved demonstrates that the claim Hillsborough MUST NEVER BE FORGOTTEN was so much hot air. History is being re-written; what did Orwell say in 1984? "Oceania is at war with Eurasia. It has always been at war with Eurasia." It isn't the first time and won't be the last.

For years Rangers' fans have angrily denied the stories about the Ibrox Disaster. It was said people went back into the ground to see what all the cheering was about. A less than subtle, sickening implication that it was their own fault they died. Now, in the years to come, Liverpudlians will put up with callous and ignorant talk of an 'Act of God.' The venue, the ticked allocation, the turnstiles, the tunnel, the opening of the gates, the fences, police pushing people back IN, the absence of medical help, police (with dogs) standing on the half way line STILL pre-occupied with 'order' – all will be forgotten, as will the victims. Until it happens again, and people will ask 'Why weren't the lessons heeded?' Again.

A friend, the day after the verdict, was full of bitterness. "I fucking hate this county," he said. Without going so far, it is worth noting the words of the 18th Century writer Voltaire. "One owes respect to the living; but to the dead one owes nothing but the truth." It is safe to say that could not have been said by an Englishman. You can bet your life on it.

THE ONLY SAFE STADIUM IS AN EMPTY ONE – Dr Stefan Popper (South Yorkshire Coroner)