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Stuck in motorway traffic - there's nothing worse. The last thing you want is a bunch of Neanderthals waving a Union Jack at you, as well as doing their (admittedly excellent) impressions of gorillas. That's precisely what happened to a group of black musicians on the day of the semi against Palace. To know that this scum, two hours later, would be chanting "Johnny Barnes, Johnny Barnes." Could only make it more offensive. It's time for a major football initiative on racism; society as a whole is sick, but the game can do it's bit. When the full horror of the Nazis' atrocities were discovered, people said NEVER AGAIN, but now Jewish graves are being desecrated. Once a wave of hatred begins, it's hard to stop, so kill it at source. Tell these stupid bastards to shut up; tell them they're not wanted in our football grounds. We can all DO something.

(the following comes from a letter by TONY MATTHEWS, one of the people responsible for the Palace mag, EAGLE EYE - he wrote about the result as well, but I've left that out, because everyone knows we're really bad losers!) As far as the kick off time goes, we were pretty pissed off about it and feel that it was contributory factor in us not selling all our tickets. Palace, although a London club, also draw their support from a wide range of satellite towns in Surrey, Sussex and Kent. On a Sunday morning there's precious little public transport to get us to Euston for an early start. From our understanding of the situation, the decision was taken by West Midlands police, who refused to change the time. It just goes to show the contempt with which football fans are still regarded. The Manchester game should have started at noon and ours at 3.30, isn't that common sense? On of our trains didn't have a drier (I ask you!),but to the best of my knowledge most of our fans arrived on time. I was in the ground by 11.05, but this entailed catching a taxi to Euston as the Underground only started running 15 minutes before our special was due to depart.

To our great surprise, the police were ok at the match, and whilst they weren't exactly the most cheery chaps you could wish to meet, they left us to out footie without the usual hassle we expect from that particular force. One Palace director had felt it necessary to warn us about their attitudes in the local paper before the game. The feeling was that they were conscious of being under scrutiny following last year's sad events. However I heard about Liverpool supporters in our section being led out the ground, and feel this was very unfair. They were not hurting us (or vice versa) and there was room for them to be allowed to stay and watch the game. I believe they got in by joining the Palace Club for tickets.