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So Souness has brought a book out, and I can't believe the insensitivity of this fuckwit. I suppose I should have expected it really, but do you recall 'Match of their Day' and his comments to Garth Crooks about the one thing he regretted about his time as manager here, you expressed doubts about his sincerity then and I think they've been proved beyond doubt now. What made him talk to a SCUM journalist? is he thick? Callous? Was he acting on impulse? Its probably a combination of all three, and another reminder never to trust these bastards ever again.

Speaking of the filth, what really bothers me about the people who read it on our bus are their age. If they were my age (21) or younger, they might not know what 'The Truth' was. I was 11 when the disaster occurred, and my parents were Mirror readers. I never got to see The Sun, on the 19th April or any other day for that matter. I was oblivious to their lies. It was the centre pages of TTW&R 13 that opened MY eyes (on the scum, Souness and Loverpool) Perhaps a reprint and fresh calls for the boycott would be a good idea?

If we're honest anyone reading fanzines won't really need telling about all this. WE know the truth,, we don't need reminding. Ideally' calls for the boycott should take up space in 'The Kop' and the official Liverpool magazine. I know Chris Bascombe reads the RAOTL web page so I put a plea on the chat forum for The Kop to print the boycott message. It's a nice idea and would go some way to bringing the dub and their fans together again, but I'm not hopeful. if they won't even recognise the HJC's existence, what hope is there ? The people on our bus who read that shit are in there 30's and 40's. They must have bought the edition that was headlined The Truth', so how can. they claim ignorance'? The rest of us once sang -You can stick the fucking Sun up your arse" for three hours. It had no effect.

I don't want to give up. I want to make every Liverpool fan aware of their lies. Ironic isn't it? Ill be on the coach with these people for the Coventry game. They'll no doubt be cheering about Shankly Day and saluting the great mans genius - then they'll buy The Sun on the Monday and read all about it!

Somehow I doubt if Shanks would have approved. He'd have let the bastards know in no uncertain terms because we were his people.

Al Campbell Llangoch

It Must Never Happen Again, pt-325

More fans trying to get onto a terrace than ought to be allowed? Fans trapped on barriers? Fans spilling onto the pitch in fear? Game kicking off on time with hundreds still outside? We've been here before, haven't we? This time, it was Exeter v Aldershot, but it was still the FA Cup. And it's still scary. And the people who run our game and our clubs still don't give a shit. It was pay on the day, and expected crowd levels for travelling supporters were ludicrously underestimated. Those who run Exeter City FC subsequently blamed the Aldershot supporters.

Here is one Aldershot fan's account……………………

"The whole organisation was an absolute disgrace. I was caught up in it all and it could have been a major disaster. I had to queue for 25 minutes before entering the ground and when I finally did so five full coaches of fans had just turned up. The queue outside the ground was huge by now and it became obvious there was going to be a problem ...

We tried to talk to the stewards but no action was being taken. There was absolutely no co-ordination between the police and club officials; it was just left to get worse and worse. The ref kicked off without a thought to the 500 or more fans still outside.

Unfortunately, it took a flare and a few people to jump over advertising hoardings and onto the pitch before anyone realised the seriousness of the matter. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. The helicopter that circled overhead presumably took up police resources. Even if serious or even fatal injury had been narrowly averted, it was nice to know that someone at Exeter still had a sense of humour. When order was restored, a record was played over the tannoy.

It was "You'll Never Walk Alone ..............

(Thanks to Andy Davidson for the local news reports)