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What a sight. At long last, South Yorkshire's finest were forced to appear in court in Leeds, to face the charges they should have faced years ago. Better late than never, clearly, and even if there is no room for gloating it was certainly good to see Murray and Duckenfield traipsing into court There may be doubts over where the private prosecutions will lead and how successful they can be many expect this door to slam shut just as firmly as all the others - but it's all we have at this stage. Until it reopens later on this year, the campaign is basically in stasis when the esteemed members of the Bar don their silly hats once more, there is still very little we can do to help. Keeping away from the trial seems sensible; the presence of Reds will only get used by lawyers representing the two to have the trial closed down.

There are sorne other things going on, though. The Survivors Group have been raising campaign funds from a variety of events to keep the publicity machine going, and the Manic Street Preachers have included a track about Hillsborough on their new number one album. "South Yorkshire Mass Murderer" has already caused SYP's current crop of inadequates to splutter forth about (get this) "causing offence" Since your goons practically called us exactly the same thing in the 'Sun' and other places, I find this strange and more than a little hypocritical. I applaud the Manics for what is obviously a genuinely heartfelt sentiment and not a stunt.

Following the 'controversy' in the summer over Ince & Owen which even the local press recognised was a problem, both players' agents have been contacted and made aware of the off~ caused. Apparently, this is the best way to get to the players which is a sad state of affairs; the general feeling is that Owen is far less to blame and could genuinely not know the score, but there seems little defence for Ince. As long as both have got the message from now on, there seems little point in further action. The club have been approached on the matter (yes, yet against) and have erm informed politely that this is really their fault, as they could have stamped out this sort of thing at source.

I have never understood why LFC have struggled with this one. It seems rather simple, but until they take their role more seriously the problem will recur. If the club explained the situation regarding a certain paper clearly and emphatically to the new arrivals at Anfield, and anyone already at the club likely to be targeted by the 'Sun' (eg Owen and the Argentina match ball), all this shit would simply disappear. How can we expect the likes of Heggem or Dundee to know the in's and out's of the Disaster coverage? It's not exactly the Theory of Relativity, is it? Explain when they arrive, make the position clear, put it into the contract (WHY is this so difficult, Mr Robinson?) and that should be enough for all but the most bullet-headed. If these points were taken on by someone at the club (Parry for example) you could avoid all this crap later on.

Most importantly, the word about a Hillsborough boycott is getting round. It's vital that all who support the idea tell their friends, fellow coach passengers etc.

The extent of the help we can expect from LFC remains unclear but meetings may be arranged to establish what can and can't be done. In the meantime, tell everyone that this is the season we turn round to SYP and Sheffield Wednesday and tell them to victimise, bully, insult and extort someone else. Maybe the Sun' can give Wednesday enough money to compensate for the loss in ticket sales this season? The Norwegian and Danish branches have agreed to cover the boycott in their club magazines, spreading the word far and wide. The next target should be the Irish branches, and ~re importantly the Yorkshire Reds who will always look forward to a game without a long journey. Hopefully, we can put together a package of measures to suit everyone and make the boycott work. Let's hit that club the only way they understand. Some of their fans have been in touch complaining about our attitude towards them (the boycott was mentioned in their fanzine), but frankly I could care more about what Wednesday fans think of us. I'm not so sure I could care less.

Oh, and while I said not to gloat it was nice to read in the Sheffield Star that the SWFC Supporters Club is being evicted from it's offices near the ground - to build a car park for sixteen vehicles! According to Mackrell, Wednesday is a business and they have to move them. The S.C.(supporters club) and particularly it's secretary, have always stood four square behind the SWFC over the disaster and defended them to the hilt. Bad luck, folks. That's what you get for being spineless club lackeys



Having just watched tile repeat of Hillsborough episodes of 'Cracker', I thought I would point out a few things that are really pissing me off. Prior to the last election, Murdoch said he was backing Blair So the man from News International - he say 'yes'! Then what do we get after Jack Straw's decision on a new inquest? Liverpool and Everton supporters staging a massive demonstration about the decision at a game covered by 'Sky'. After the match, I was shocked to learn that all we got was the camera focusing on one person and Alan Parry giving a voiceover. No shot was seen of the whole Kop for example, showing the whole demo. The effect was almost deliberately diminished.

Every way you turn a door seems to be slammed in our faces. I've written two letters to Tony Banks and received two shitty replies. I've now told him not to expect my vote for New labour next time. In fact, I don't know why they don't just change the name of the party now. They've changed everything else. In fact, Tony' why don't you appoint Murdoch to the cabinet or make him a lord? Lord Wapping Great Liar, perhaps? The words of Dennis Potter in his last ever interview are even more significant now. The final scene of 'Cracker' made me feel some sense of Justice, but I don't think my wife was too happy with my reaction. Now we have seen Paul Ince linked with the S** and Michael Owen doing ads for the 'News of the World'. Maybe I'm just getting paranoid?

As for the team, frankly I'd ban all foreign players - starting to sound like Hitler now! Look, when we .won in Europe correct me if I'm wrong but there was only one foreigner - Grobbelaar. It was done with a strong Celtic/English mix; don't tell me that the good Scottish players aren't there any more. Who'd ever heard of Particks centre half or Ayr's full back, for example, before we bought them and taught them Shankly's methods? Our youth policy is good; one thing the Celts would bring back is determination and grit. Let's start playing like Liverpool FC again; great skill with some real devil in their play.

J D Smith

I'm in a dilemma. When Straw refused a new inquiry, I immediately thought, "fuck you, I'll never vote for you lot again". The next day's Echo carried quotes from all the local MPS; all of them labour of course. As expected, there was much humming and arr-ing and sitting on fences among the motley bunch (not even that from that little shit Howarth). The shining exception was my own local MP, Derek Twigg of Halton He was the only one to strongly condemn Stuart-Smith and Straw. "I was at Hillsborough. May I express my bitter disappointment at the decision' .His sentiments were right, also worthy and very brave. Derek is one of the vast 'new intakes' of Labour MP's who are quote obviously expected to ask "how high?" when told to jump by gobshites like Blair and Mandelson. My dilemma is this; I feel Mr Twigs personally, deserves my continued support. I also feel that his party, in general, are a treacherous bunch: of bastards who can go hang. I know it's my decision when it comes down to it, but still - what's your opinion?

S I Widnes

Don't ask me. If a dog turd had a Labour rosette on, it's highly likely the good folk of Bootle would still vote for it. I suppose it's really all down to individual conscience (what a cop-out!)


You and your writers gave quite a bit of stick out to Paul Ince about his dealings with the S**. I wonder if Michael Owen is going to get the same kind of abuse? I've just seen him advertising a weekend magazine for the Premier League fixtures, and before that he was giving exclusive interviews and photos for the 'News of the World'. Surely if both players have had dealings with these toilet rolls they have to be treated with the same disdain? Just because Owen is now our star player doesn't mean that he should be treated any differently - some people might think that was slightly hypocritical.

Though you and 'Red All Over The Land' often keep pushing for Justice for the 96 and giving info about the things which are being done, what is the club's stance on this? Although I don't get to read the 'Echo' or the 'Pink', there never seems to be any statement from the club itself about looking after the Families or helping to push for a further inquiry. Surely with a little help from LFC this could move things along, or are they so busy counting the gate receipts that they can't be arsed I haven't heard one word from the club, and I think that stinks.

Is that Steve Miller a twat or what? (Rhetorical question, right? - ed) First, he says the Man Ure players weren't trying because it was only the Charity Shield. Was he saying that about the 4-0 win against Newcastle two years ago? As for Jaap Stam the world-class defender, Anelka and Overmars made him look like a right donkey. Here's hoping it's another classy Demento buy!

Paul Downey London

I thought I'd write in and air my views as a member of the Hillsborough Survivors, Relatives & Supporters For Justice campaign, as requested in #39. Firstly, I want to say that the 'split' is more about tactics than personal matters, and whichever group achieves Justice, down whatever avenue, then it will be to the benefit of all. People often have different ways of reaching the same goal, and now there's two groups 1 see it as an advantage. For now, the fight for Justice has definitely stepped up a gear or two and the group 1 belong to has certainly made a difference. We have distributed thousands of leaflets far and wide, made vital contacts, but more importantly we have opened up the campaign so the families can now be supported by anyone.

Nine years ago I would have liked to have seen a massive campaign for Justice where we could all have marched to Westminster or Sheffield - I've seen people get more organised to save a bunch of trees than for Hillsborough. I think the establishment has had an easy time; fighting the system with quiet dignity and respect is a bit like fending off a pit bull terrier with a pillow. Recently, I was pleased to see the chairman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group praising the Manic Street Preachers for slagging SYP in a song that calls them mass murderers. Bear in mind that most of us know the score about Duckenfield & co, and if a band from S Wales can do something you've got to ask why we all can't do something?

There is a lot of stuff we can be getting on with - a boycott of Hillsborough is so bloody obvious it amazes me that it wasn't organised before. Our group wants to see it happen and we'll definitely be sorting something out. If we went down there to picket, discipline would need to be 100% as we'd be in the public eye and South Yorkshire Police could try to provoke us into a riot, but if we organise it, *get some press and legal observers, I'm sure we will gain a few small victories. We'll gain vital publicity and we'll also hit Sheffield Wednesday financially, the establishment will know we mean business. Look for any leaflets and posters, or call into the shop for more details as we get them.

Unlike Liverpool PLC (sorry, FC), all the profit we make goes straight into campaigning for Justice. The week's wages of some Liverpool players would keep our shop open for years and enable us to print millions of leaflets. Why can't the club stand up for their supporters a bit more? Their silence and apathy over Straw's decision to allow police to carry CS Gas into Anfield speaks volumes to me! As for Ince and his Scum venture, he has lost an awful lot of respect on Merseyside. How can anyone defend that paper, there has been an unofficial boycott of that rag since '89. Needless to say, our group endorses that boycott, and I'd like the Kop to get more vocal about it.

After all, we see the supporters as foot soldiers of a campaign for Justice - armed with leaflets, Justice banners, pushing the issue anywhere and everywhere. The more of us fighting, the easier our task becomes in reaching out to those who can help us. Having the people on your side is vital; why should it be left to the families of the 96 to give out leaflets on match days when there's an army of supporters. This isn't a picnic. A campaign has to have a pro-active attitude, otherwise the establishment can cover up its crimes with ease. What you've got to ask yourself is; do you want them to get away with it? I don't!

Mick Dempsey