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We highlight Liverpool 'zine 'Through The Wind and Rain' - always a staunch supporter of the HJC and a voice that has kept alive and published articles on Hillsborough throuout the last 12 years. You can read all of their back issue articles about Hillsborough here

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If someone talks out of their arse, you know what comes out of their mouth. Trouble is, when it pours out, some of it tends to stick. Perhaps it explains the persistence of people in high positions continually pushing the 'drunken/ticketless/criminal' line for Liverpool fans at Hillsborough. It is also interesting that the last 2 (Peter Wright and the Wedneday chairman McGee) both issued their statements on the day they gave up their highly paid positions. That they didn't feel moved to say these things while still in office does not necessarily mean that they are snivelling shitbags who are quite prepared to reap the rewards of authority without accepting any of the responsibilities, or that they are scum with guilty consciences, struggling desperately like rates in a trap.

Another piece in the jigsaw came from West Midlands police, showing loyalty to their South Yorkshire pals by putting the semi kick-off back to noon, so Liverpool fans don't drink before the game. You know, LIKE THEY DID LAST YEAR. Reports mean nothing - these bastards are after us until they get the verdict THEY want. It's called British Justice. Since it's the West Midlands who investigated the policing at Hillsborough, we had a right to expect better. (I'm sure the BBC being able to show both semis live had nothing at all to do with it, either. I'm also sure that the BBC will be horrified it their scoop on 15th April is repeated.)

I hardly need to remind you that purchasing either The Sun of The Daily Star is a total insult to the dead, injured and bereaved of Hillsborough. Flicking through my three issues so far I see that I've used one or two cuttings from these papers I assure you all that these were sent to me and not a result of doing the unthinkable. If you have a 'friend' who buys the a) try to persuade him not to b) if he won't stop, scour his paper for anything good for the fanzine, then just cut them out for me. Don't worry about your friend - he'll probably think he's won a free hole.

I was hoping, somewhat prematurely, after my brother's article (KOPTIES WRITE Iss. 3.), to put forward some proposals to prevent the Anfield Boardroom (Gawd Bless 'em) from putting seats in the Kop. After the release of the Taylor report, it seems unsuitable to do so. It appears that those from above are determined to kill the game on way or another. As we all know, ID cards have gone, though why the concept ever arose in the first place only our little pea-brained friend in Whitehall knows. No we find ourselves not only with Peter 'I'm only doing what's best' Robinson's ideas, but almost inevitable legislations. BUT ALL IS NOT LOST.

We can all go down with our huge Giros (the ones in Carla Lane's imagination - SK) or pay cheques and buy a 10-year time share in one of the Kemlyn's forthcoming exec. boxes. Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel; no it can't be! It's Greaves on the morning of the derby, condemning all seaters. I pinch myself, it cannot be. The little twerp goes on about it being time the Government stated listening to the fans. I now go into cardiac arrest! Before you know it, the scum will have won the derby; fortunately the world hasn't gone that crazy. Greaves didn't mention police competence, so maybe things aren't so different after all.

Can we trust our wonderful Overlords to do what's best for the club and it's fans. The short answer is no. Witness the debated on parking spaces for the disabled, and the debacle outside the Norwich cup replay. I was one of many thousands with a ticket, in the belief this would give me easy access. I couldn't have been more wrong. There were just 4 gates to enter the Kop for ticket holders, the rest were for pay on the night. When queues began to develop the police asked for permission to allow us to use the paying turnstiles; needless to say the answer was no.
Jonathan White - Whiston