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Obviously we covered the programme in #33, but our deadline didn't let us cover Sheffield's angle. We got sent the Sheffield Star's coverage from the day after transmission and contrary to expectations, the editorial turned out to be OK. It was a nice surprise to see sanity breaking out: Eddie Spearritt's views were spelled out well and the crucial questions listed, though the videotape was not mentioned and the headline 'Trial by Television' is just stupid police propaganda. Overall, a qualified success.

But the comments from others were far less intelligent: the police I will not bother about, Wells is a joke and we know what he represents. It's funny hearing SYP complain about objectivity in others, and Wells' notion that he was worried about the programme causing PTSD in survivors and officers is laughable. Perhaps they would find it easier to cope with PTSD if SYP could bring themselves to do what the tiniest scrap of humanity demands, and sort this situation out. Hell will freeze over before SYP wake up to this, and may they all freeze inside it.

I'm more interested in SWFC: not surprisingly, Mackrell and SWFC make no appearance in the paper whatsoever, and to this day refuse to allow any memorial at the ground (got a guilty conscience, have we Mackrell?). We have not heard a peep out of that shower in years, and personally 1 would say no Red should ever go to that ground while that mob are running that club, title decider or not. But that's just my view and 1 am not attacking Reds who do go there. But we don't need Mackrell's opinions to get the SWFC line, it comes from others: Rita Nettleship of the SWSC says that she 'needs more time to consider whether the programme has changed her views on whether one single person, or organisation, was principally to blame', before saying that she would also like to 'think more about whether I'd like to see a fresh inquest or inquiry. Basically, she didn't answer any of the important questions, save to say that'the whole thing would bring back so many more memories'. Try fucking living with them every day of your life, like the families and survivors and emergency workers do, instead of happily sitting there in Leppings Lane.

Then we get a Sheffield landlord's view, which ranks with London taxi drivers in any scale of importance (ie bugger all) - he thinks the programme was 'biased' towards the families (odd definition of the truth), and that a large number of fans were drunk before the game. 'I reckon about 80% of fans have consumed alcohol at matches'. Since when did 'consuming alcohol' equal 'being drunk'? It doesn't. Most fans have a drink before a game, it's part of the occasion, but it doesn't mean you're drunk. And if people are drunk in pubs, before games or gigs or after work, do landlords help the situation? Do they hell, they carry on serving until the customer reaches the 'I can't stand up' stage. Our sage from the pub concludes: 'it's about time we let sleeping dogs lie', ie who gives a toss?

We complain,,rightly, that Merseyside gets a slagging just for being Merseyside (Backup, anyone?), so we must accept that not all of Sheffield are tossers. The local FSA, BIFA at Sheffield United and others were deeply conscious of the Disaster before the programme, and no doubt there are many SWFC fans who feel that their club and their police did kill. No doubt there are many locals who helped fans, like one the Star highlighted, who willingly let Reds call home that day to say they were OK. No doubt there are also Owls who feel the issue has been ignored and that Reds were victimised, which is to be applauded. But I also know that given what the bastards got up to, Sheffield City Council and SWFC have got off nice and easy, to the point where no-one seems to ask searching questions of them any more. I also suspect that thousands of Owls find it comforting to think that Reds caused the Disaster. As a city, Sheffield will stand tainted until the authorities there stand up and admit their guilt and incompetence, and make some effort to redress the situation.

But that is by the by: right now, Reds and the families in general are playing catch-up. 1 think we were (understandably) caught on the hop by the public and political reaction to the programme, so things we are doing now are happening in a rush. Basically, the campaign is reaching a crucial point: the new evidence keeps coming in, which makes it very hard for Wells and SYP to say that there is nothing more to talk about. Most of the stuff going on is legal and so beyond me, but from what we read, we are closer now to some form of Justice than we have ever been. It's so close, it's scary. The doctor who came forward to say Philip Hammond was alive and breathing at well gone 4pm might just be the trump card. It also must have taken some guts for him to speak up now, whatever the reason for the delay, which must be applauded.

Coming up soon are two events however Reds can actively help with. First, the Service: I know many Reds have seen this as private grief in the past, but this year, the families WANT everyone there on April 15th (see back cover). Second, we have a plan for a Day of Support at our last home game, v Spurs. We want a huge colourful display of solidarity for the campaign, banners & placards maybe, but three things must happen: firstly, anyone who can offer practical or financial help should contact us. Second, Reds at the game must get involved. Third, away fans must get involved. Contacts have been made with the Spurs ISA on this, asking if their fans are likely to be up for it, and the answer was a fairly strong yes, for which we are grateful. We have yet to decide what we intend to do for visual effect (banners, placards, flags etc?) but something will happen, info will be sent out, and we strongly urge all Reds there to join in. This is too important to leave to the lad next to you. It's not often ordinary Reds actually have the power to help, but here we can, and we should take that chance.

I must explain that, though Spurs are a good bunch who we haven't had any trouble with (and they obviously nearly had their own Hillsborough in 1981), our first choice was Man United, due to Sky's coverage and the extra profile we could get. We contacted someone at IMUSA who knows the United fanzines etc, and he gave us... no encouragement at all. For which I thank him. Don't fucking expect anything from us if our visit to OT next year falls on your special day in February 1998. Apparently, April 15th is too big an occasion and their fans will be concentrating on the match. Like, we won't? It wasn't about the game. Having seen some of the stuff still going into United fanzines about Hillsborough, perhaps 1 was being naive to expect any better. Never mind: the important thing is Spurs are on for it, we have the backing of the Merseyside FSA, the fanzines and the families, and there seems no reason why we can't create something tasteful, dignified but also powerful and striking. All help and suggestions gratefully received: contact us at PO Box 23 etc, or via email at