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Issue 26 - Letters

Jimmny The jock (ED 25) was spot on about the Post, but he excluded the Sheffield Star, Yorkshire Post, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Today, Express and Evening Standard - who all printed the police lies in some form without any critical analysis or any attempt to find evidence. Doesn't leave many, eh? On the Sun, Kopper makes some good points. I've seen Reds of all ages reading it, but perhaps I was wrong to assume that young Southern fans have enough information to know better. Therefore people like him (and myself) must explain it, forcefully if necessary.

I simply don't care about 'politeness', or respecting other people's 'freedom'. let's make it 101% clear that people who read the scum papers are not Reds ~ END OF STORY. Kopper clearly cares about the victims and the whole issue, which makes his comment about 'dragging up the past' even stranger. The past controls the future. If nothing else, look at it this way; when we go to Europe, many of our hosts will not knovv the stories were disproved and completely without foundation. After the Genoa v Milan tragedy, an Italian journalist likened the mood to "post-Hilisborough", as both incidents involved violence. He used the word 'violence' to describe 1989 three times. Need I say more? Well done to all Reds who travel miles to Anfield, but anyone who claims to be a proper Red must consider and respect those who've suffered. 'Carrying on with the future' does not mean condoning sins of the past for which no remorse was ever shown. Sorry to be boring about it, but NO COMPROMISE.

Rex Nash Surbiton

The Kopper appeared to condone Liverpool fans reading the Scum if they belong to the young age group. As part of that age group of travelling -supporters; since April 1989 I have not read that piece of racist, sexist, uneducated filth. It's lack of morality would have made Henry 5th stare in amazement. I'm even loathe to touch the thing. He doesn't offer an explanation for the 30 year olds reading it in service stations and at games. When I was at the home game v Chelsea, the Bruce Grobbelaar 'bribery' story had broken; I was being interviewed by ITN News (it wasn't shown); part of what I said concerned the very dubious nature of the source of the information. Then some other Liverpool fans around me started shouting about the Wapping lie- machine being at work again, at which point the interviewer simply stopped filmin. They explained why people on Merseyside don't like the Scum. After this, some Reds know what the problem is and still read the damn thing. I know some of these particufar-fans who do, and they certainly aren't part of this young age group that the Kopper alludes to.

Konrad Caulkiet - London

The dust had hardly settled after Ireland v England before Graham Kelly told everyone that it wouldn't affect Euro '96, closely followed by reassurances from UEFA and FIFA. The only time action is ever taken over violence is when the fans die. Liverpool, quite rightly, couldn't play in Europe after Heysel, although the ban on clubs who weren't involved remained for 5 years. The point is that England should not have been awarded the finals in the first place, and it's not because of the idiot, so-called fans of England. It's because of the idiots in Lancaster Gate.

After we were sneakily blamed for the '89 disaster (the "turning up late" thing), the FA sent us to a semi final in Birmingham on a Sunday. 12 noon kick-off. 2 years later, and the FA avoided a repeat of that by ....... sending us to Highbury on a Sunday, noon kick~off. This was eventually put back to lpm. I said at the time that Liverpool FC should tell the FA to stick it. It's 3 o'clock or we don't play. Kelly and his mates would have shit themselves. Imagine the media attention if we stood up to them. I refused to go to Highbury on principle, but from everything I heard the ingredients that led to Hillsborough were in evidence at Arsenal; late arrivals through traffic congestion, no thought of delaying the start. I wrote to UEFA, asking them not to consider England for the championships. Not even a "sod off and kiss my arse" in reply. All Reds should boycott these internationals.

Rogan Taylor said after Dublin that, as a country, we have an almost condescending attitude towards other countries and their people. He pointed to the press in particular, and two headlines came to mind; 'Up yours Delors' and 'Patriots 4 Scuds 0'. Is it any wonder the NF or the BNP think they're on a national crusade?

Konrad Caulkett - London