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We highlight Liverpool 'zine 'Through The Wind and Rain' - always a staunch supporter of the HJC and a voice that has kept alive and published articles on Hillsborough throuout the last 12 years. You can read all of their back issue articles about Hillsborough here

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Just to let you know I really enjoyed Issue One - ace! I think you hit the nail on the head in much of what you write, particularly regarding Man Utd. The general atmosphere and stance of the fans appeared to take no time at all to shake off the immediate post Hillsborough niceties and hopes for a less violent attitude. Frightening isn't it?

How about an article asking for ideas to break down the barriers and introduce a more hospitable attitude? The sort of thing I was thinking of was a group of mixed fans carrying a banner round Old Trafford (it's probably a bit late for the Anfield match) just before the game, similar to the banner displayed at the Everton-Liverpool game in May. This could read something like "THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND CONTRIBUTIONS AFTER Hillsborough. MUNICH 58 Hillsborough 89 - ENOUGH DEATHS. LET'S STOP THE HATE."

I know it's not gonna change things overnight, but it would be a genuine effort to express the thoughts of what I hope is the silent majority. It's a start anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for healthy rivalry - it's part of the match, but there are limits and it's good to mingle with other fans and tell stories about your teams etc. Maybe more ideas (probably better) would be forthcoming if you raise it. What about an article in conjunction with a United mag?
John Friend Sheffield

SK - RED NEW, the United fanzine, has been in touch, not only the praise TTWAR and the article Jon refer to, Devil Worship (issue one), but also to promise to reply in the near future. So we'll find out just what it is about us that gets up their noses! I don't see that the banner idea is actually too late for Anfield, but I can see other problems. Even the reasonable Utd. Fans may feel there is a touch of hypocrisy about such a move - after all, to the best of my knowledge, there was never a banner taken round when the Munich disaster was the only one. There is definitely reason to fear, however - a minor outbreak of Hillsborough 89 was heard at the Everton-Utd game, a change slammed by RED NEWS. I have passed your idea onto the Merseyside FSA's Assistant Sec, Barry Stone.

Congratulations on Issue One. It was a good read and thankfully isn't blind to any faults at Liverpool FC.

It was the Walking Alone article that made me put pen to paper. For years Liverpool Football Club has had a tradition of being a smoothly run club with a strong link to it's supporters. The actions of Kenny Dalglish and the team after Hillsborough speak for themselves. However, it's the growing interest in putting money first that concerns me. The Super League (less teams=less variety,) the ITV deal (Sunday football means travelling supporters such as myself are left stranded due to a reduced railway timetable - and watching the ridiculous camera angles and listening to inane comments merits a whole book!), and an all-seater Anfield are indications of this.

I don't agree that an all-seated Kop will be safer - terracing is only dangerous if over-filled - and the thought of thousands of fans outside, could create chaos with seats actually obstructing people. The overall capacity would be drastically reduced which strikes me as ridiculous for a team with such a large support as ours.

I've heard rumours of a new tier being built on the Kemlyn Stand. Will this be done simultaneously as the seating of the Kop in order to prevent further disappointment to the loyal fans who may find that entry to the ground is restricted?

I would also like to know just how much entrance will cost? The prices for sitting are bad enough - at least those who can't afford to sit have the Kop to go to - and may fans prefer to stand.

Finally, terracing provides the majority of vocal support and the thought of Anfield without it's atmosphere is a bad one. Also the possibility of Executive boxes at Liverpool, which has for so long resisted the temptation to bow down to such elitish commercial pressure, it particularly galling. I can just see, five or ten years from now, a book being written….LIVERPOOL - Betrayal of a Legend 2.
Mike Tindall Horsea

SK - You miss the point, Mike. Liverpool would not be BETRAYAL 2, just as Man United weren't the first; it would be a betrayal 100 to the power of n. The current 2nd Division is choc full of clubs who "shouldn't be there" (their words). An interesting fact - Anfield is about 16th or 17th in the record attendance stakes, beaten by people like Huddersfield and Bolton, who, like Liverpudlians today, never thought it could happen to them. Don't let's kid ourselves, it COULD happen here. It seem like the Big Four and a Half are gearing themselves for a wealth/power struggle that's a little sick, especially when people have died at a football match AGAIN, and the current Arsenal and Norwich sides are proving that success doesn't have to be bought. That way involves hard work though, and the current fast buck philosophy sneers at that.