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Letters-issue 19

* Suness - refers to then Liverpool Manager Graeme Souness recent interview with The S*n.

I must be one of the few people still staying away because of Suness, and not only for his poor taste in reading material. I loathe the Sun, and not just for what they wrote but what they were going to write. If people got upset about 'The Truth', imagine the horror if they had gone under the original heading of 'You Scum'. Only a complete idiot would not be able to comprehend the feelings in this city about that rag, and Suness is not an idiot. It's his arrogance that makes him about '100% pure Liverpool" as Alex Ferguson. He isn't in it for Liverpool, he's in it for himself.

The issue that keeps me awake at nights is the Kop. Like everyone else, I had too much faith in the Echo's sacking claims, and went to my first match in two years (the 6-2). I feel the heart of the Kop left when I did, but never returned. We used to have chants for different players; Brucie in our goal, Rambo, the Muppets song for McManaman, a bit of blasphemy for Rosy. Now all they they do is chant like Millwall fans. lan St John said it's all just crudity now, but that's the only humour out there nowadays. 'What on earth was that?" does not bring a smile to my face, the way 'what the fucking hell was that?" does. Alas, that is all that's left. I'm more concerned at how few people know all the words; 'murmur murmur- sent far away from his home to fight- murmur murmur- and also the old folks back home so they put him- murmur murmur murmur murmur- etc etc oh i am... ' ' The Kop now deserves to be seated. The heart has gone, why not put the rest out of it's misery?

Do I ever want to go to the match again?- I went through a phase when I was glad they lost (just to see the back of Suness), but now I want them to win and hope we stuff it up the Mancs. However, I resign myself to the fact that the Liverpool I loved is part of history, and any reason to open my arms towards the new tearn is not apparent to me. It does not look like becoming clear until many changes are made.

Paul O'donnell Wavertree