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Not the place to talk about euthanasia, but in this case I think it concerns all Liverpool fans. On the news the other week there was report about Tony Bland, who has been in a coma since being crushed against a barrier at Hillsborough. His parents want his life support machine to be switched off, so that their son can die with some dignity. Current English law forbids this, although it can be done in Scotland, and this young man could remain this state for 50 years before he comes the 96th victim of Hillsborough.

There is however a glimmer of hope. The above mentioned law, forbidding life support machines from being turned off in these kind of cases, is to come under review in Parliament shortly. I ask all Liverpool fans living anywhere in Britain to write to their MPs with a view to amending this outdated and inhumane law, to help not just a fellow Red but all those in England and Wales who are being cruelly kept alive by bureaucracy.

Gary Waters	Dublin

This subject was raised before, but after I got Gary's letter the news came of Tony's deterioration I feel uneasy taking about it all, so if anyone disagrees with Gary (and myself) I'd like to hear from you. Tony developed blood poisoning, not the first time he's had infections but this was life-threatening. It is alleged a doctor said "unfortunately, he is responding to treatment." It seems everyone involved wants Tony to die peacefully. Why he can't is a mystery.		SK