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We highlight Liverpool 'zine 'Through The Wind and Rain' - always a staunch supporter of the HJC and a voice that has kept alive and published articles on Hillsborough throuout the last 12 years. You can read all of their back issue articles about Hillsborough here

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I think we've all read thousands of good, rational reason to oppose the idea of all-seaters. Personally, I'd go for 3 sides seated and a terraced side for home supporters. If terracing is dangerous, why aren't the Rugby League and Union grounds being changed? Everyone knows that it is the handling of the away section which is most dangerous, but of course we know the people who are responsible for this occupy all the media space.

Then, when they are running out of arguments, they wave the European excuse, which I can tell you is pure bullshit. No on is taking any action to improve grounds. I guess they'll print numbers on the concrete steps, call them seats, remove crush barriers and that's it. As for the clubs who don't want to do this, they just play their games at another ground, as a lot of the clubs have no pride whatsoever.

Chris Roux	Beziers

So the newly painted Wembley has joined the ranks of European super stadia eh? Must be true, it was confirmed by it being the venue for the European Cup Final; forgive me for pooping the party, but I still think it's shite. If, like me, you attempted to get in through turnstile(s) K about 2.30 on May 9th, you'd have thought Hillsborough hadn't happened. After arriving at the entrances at 2.25 I spent the next 25 minutes being pushed and shoved as a totally uncontrolled crowd tried to get in. The policeman (yes, man) on horseback was more concerned with stopping the waving of flags because it frightened his horse! When I got in about ten to three I was faced by approximately 25 policemen, whose priority seemed to be talking to each other. They were subjected to much vociferous criticism for standing idly by while the 'crush' developed. Their response was of the usual "your comments have been noted" variety. It then took me until five past three to get to my seat, which seemed like 300 yards away from the far goal. I must have forced 150 fans to stand up in my row, despite following the entrance/gate instructions on the ticket. O yeas and£5 for a programme? Do me a favour Wembley where else?

John Mackin	Flint